These words represent baby steps in my personal journey toward electronic modernity – a sort of “old college try” at something new.  Why? Well, I received a lovely rejection letter from an indie publisher, to whom I had submitted my first novel, “On the Death Beat,” in the naive belief that an indie press would somehow hold my hand through the the big scary world of modern publishing.  Not so much.  One thing I did learn – I don’t have a “social-media platform,” and therefore, I am a non-person in the information age – at least if I want to be published as an author.  I do, so here I am!

I’ll “blog” (I still snort when I say this aloud – I don’t know why) about my careening through this journey to become an author, as well as notes about living on a mini-farm living the agrarian dream at Flying Pig Farms, where the only things in danger of harvest don’t move around on their own.

Many thanks to my savvy sister, a social media professional and aspiring author in her own right, for getting me started into this whole new world.