Look – you didn’t have to grow up on a farm to know that chickens, in general, just do not die of old age right?  You might know that some breeds of chickens make better fryers, some make better layers – but in the end, everyone ends up in a pot right? Well…here at Flying Pig Farms, maybe not.  Our chickens are all young, not even laying yet, but the head chicken wrangler has already initiated a planning cycle for another coop, one our current crop of chickens could “retire” to after their laying days are over.  A sort of “out to pasture” scenario if you will.  Laugh – yes go ahead!  Many more experienced chicken folks look at my head wrangler like she is on crack.  But for my part, ever the pragmatist, I’m thinking of a moat of hungry geriatric chickens around my garden, obliterating pesky insects before they ever get close to the inner fence, earning their keep not with yummy double yolked brown eggs, but with grasshoppers chomped and steaming piles of liquid fertilizer deposited right on site!  Updates on the efficacy of this plan to follow…stay tuned!