I’m thrilled to plug the debut novel of E.B. Wheeler! She is a friend and fellow historian. I’ve had the privilege of reading parts of this novel and if you like a cracking good ghost story written with skill and faithful to the history of the period – this will be a fun read. It comes out this summer so add it to your list! Here is a blurb and a cover teaser. Yes! I’m happy to get you a signed copy! Right after you buy it. Bwahaa….

The Haunting of Springett Hall by E.B. Wheeler, available July 14, 2015.

Eighteen-year-old Lucy doesn’t remember how she died or why she’s haunting Springett Hall in Victorian England. One thing is certain: she was trying to fix a terrible mistake—one she must set right before oblivion reclaims her. As she pieces together the mystery of her death, shadows try to drag her into a dark abyss, and she struggles against the commands of a disembodied voice.

None of the living notice Lucy haunting them, except a servant named Philip whose memories are as fragmented as hers. They find evidence they were involved in a necromancer’s scheme to cheat death: a spell that went awry. Lucy also suspects Philip, for whom she’s developing an impossible attraction, may have been one of her enemies.

The more Lucy learns, the less she wants to remember. The necromancer’s work isn’t finished, though, and his influence is consuming the minds and wills of everyone in the house, living and dead. To have any chance of making a happy ending out of their mistakes, Lucy and Philip must face the truth about their past and free the residents of Springett Hall from a curse that reaches beyond death.”